Efficiency for retail operations

A unique line of products for loss prevention and boosting sales

  • improves customer satisfaction
  • decreases losses
  • collects detailed data

Positioning as a service

  • for the safety of kids
  • for industrial purposes
  • for retail operations
  • for healthcare
  • for sports

The finest indoor positioning technology in the world

brought to you as a service to answer your positioning needs. Combining your expertise with our technology, we can create life changing hi-tech solutions.

About us

We are a highly skilled team of professionals, who have created the best indoor positioning solution in the world. We provide our customers with a top of the market indoor positioning technology. Different kind of solutions can be built around this technology. Using the life changing UWB-based RTLS technology of ours, we have created a unique line of products to bring efficiency to retail operations. We have several showcases and references of our solution, and the technology has been proven and used for years as an exceptional tool in the retail world. Unlike any other product in the world, Noccela offers a 3 in 1 solution for boosting sales, loss prevention and providing insightful data. All three features in one solution!

Our solution however also has a lot of potential for other purposes as well. Therefore, we offer positioning as a service. Our technology embedded to your solution. Whether you are looking to locate children in an amusement park or elderly residents in a nursing home, Noccela is the answer.

There are only a handful of companies providing RTLS (real-time locating system) using UWB (Ultra-Wideband). Noccela, founded 2014, is one of the most experienced.

Some of the major benefits of UWB are the 10cm accuracy, 150m range and suitability for area detection. A major difference between Noccela and other UWB providers is, that we offer our solution as a service. Our cloud is where the magic happens and we offer a package deal built and customized for your needs. We provide a platform for developing a unique solution together with you. Our technology, your expertise.

Another excellent benefit is, that everything is in our hands at our headquarters. No third parties. This way we can guarantee you a safer environment, as well as better and faster service. A part of our solution is gathering a significant amount of useful data. Just because we make it possible to gather this data does not mean that we want it. You can still own the data completely and we just offer you a tool to make gathering it possible.

Positioning as a service

Our solution

In order for the system to function, Noccela Beacons are installed in the ceiling to allow dual-way communication with the tracking devices. The solution is an ideal fit for tracking people and items indoors. The technology can be embedded in different types of products as an additional feature. In our Noccela Retail line of products we have created Noccela Smart Tags and Noccela Badges with the tracking features. As an additional product we have a Noccela Call Button. All of these products gather real-time data and alert the desired people via the Noccela Application.

In the retail world our solution has been used for loss prevention and boosting the sales. The Noccela Smart Tag is a patented device used for protecting the products and increasing the sales both at once. In order to gather as detailed data as possible, the tags can be named and their journey can be tracked in real time. Some areas of the store can be determined as "restricted areas" and when the product approaches the area, the desired people get alerted via the application. As an addition to restricted areas, in the retail cases, for example fitting rooms have been determined as alerting zones. When a customer enters the area with tagged products, the staff gets alerted to go assist. Our retail customers have tracked items and staff in their stores, but by attaching the tags to shopping carts and baskets, they have also been able to track their customers and receive detailed data such as...

- the routes of the customers, which helps when placing the products. This information allows for them to know which isles are the busiest and which ones possibly get ignored completely.
- the time spent in the store. The solution even makes it possible to get detailed information about which brand did the customer stop in front of on a certain isle.
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Whereas our solution is flexible and easily applicable for all kinds of businesses with indoor positioning needs, we wanted to give a few examples here. Our Positioning as a Service -strategy aims to find partners to create new solutions with. Combining your knowledge about the industry and its' needs with our technology and top notch experts, we can make high tech history together. For example in the healthcare business, our technology could be used to...

- locate the residents and the staff of different types of healthcare centers
- improve the quality of life and the safety of residents and patients
- function as an effective tool for the staff in providing better care

- locate items, such as medical devices or belongings of the residents
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For the safety of children

Our technology can be used for protecting and supervising kids in kindergartens, amusement parks, schools and other similar places. There is a large variation of products where our technology can be embedded or integrated to, but one example would be attaching an item to a child and giving their parents a call button. The parents can monitor their kid's location in real time and by pushing the button, the child knows to return to their meeting point. Of course, this is just one of many examples and only the sky is the limit.

Contact us to learn more about the possibilities and let's create something great together!


Our technology can also be embedded to solutions for different kinds of sports. Whether the interest is to monitor the performance of a team or usage of gym equipment at gyms, our technology can well bend for all indoor positioning needs related to sports as well.


As the technology has various possibilities, we have only given a few examples of different fields we have noticed the biggest need for positioning as a service so far. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have an idea of something completely different than the mentioned categories. We would love to hear you out and answer your positioning needs.

Whether you are interested in our positioning as a service solution or the retail line of products, contact us to hear more.

Contact Tracing & Social Distancing

Unfortunately, the world has been on hold for the past months as the COVID-19 pandemic took over and shook us to our very core. Drastic measures have been made to protect the people all around the world and the world is finally slowly starting to recover from the shaking pandemic.

There is still a lot to get through and according to scientists worldwide, social distancing has had a vital impact in the battle against Corona. It is highly important for everyone to keep obeying the social distancing and hygiene regulations.

We have heard the need and answered it by using our indoor positioning technology to make contact tracing possible. We offer a life-saving social distancing solution to make adjusting to this new normal easier for us all.


To bring you peace of mind during chaos

Noccela Social Distancing makes contact tracing easier and more accurate while working as an efficient and life-saving tool. The solution can be used for maintaining social distances between people and in the situations, where the distances can not be kept, the solution works as a contact tracing tool to track down the possibly exposed people, so they can be checked before the virus spreads more.

Other devices, such as personnel badges and call buttons, also function with the same solution and can bring different kind of safety to workplaces, grocery stores, schools, hospitals, care centres etc. Contact us to find out how we can make your daily environment safer together.
FOR MORE INFORMATION, please visit https://socialdistancing.noccela.com/

Contact tracing

One of the greatest features our solution has to offer for fighting the Corona outbreak is the contamination chain audit. Easy data collection through real-time application.

Distance alerts

TWR with beacons + distance measurement between the tag coordinates. Alerts with light and sound can be used for example to maintain the social distances between people.

Data about the alerts

The solution enables watching events and going through alerts afterwards, if wanted. This makes it possible to i.e. keep track of when the social distancing requirements were not followed. Historical data about the routes is also saved, which enables spotting possible bottlenecks in the premises.

Controlling crowds

The Noccela Social Distancing solution can also be used for controlling crowds by i.e. installing flashes above the entrances of certain areas. When the capacity of people is reaching the limit and someone tries to enter the area, the lights start flashing and the person knows not to enter the area.

Capacity up to 1000

The solution can handle up to 1000 active persons simultaneously in real time, which enables starting to use bigger facilities again, while maintaining the required distances.

10 cm accuracy

Our UWB-based RTLS positioning has a 10 cm accuracy with no latency. This makes supervising i.e.  the distances between people very easy and accurate.

Results of our work


€ worth of products protected in half a year per store

These are the numbers of just one store. Last year Noccela protected products worth millions of euros altogether across Europe.


tags actively tracked all over the world as we speak

Noccela has retail customers protecting their products and tracking their customers, as well as several on-going "positioning as a service" projects tracking people and items across the world. Over 12 000 tags are being tracked altogether.

Most innovative cross-functional solution
highly commended
The most innovative in-store surveillance solution highly commended
The Best Newcomer
highly commended

Contact us to let us help you with your positioning needs!

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